Jeannette P. Twomey, JD, Virginia Certified Mediator

Jeannette founded Mediate Virginia because she believes that there are smarter, more efficient ways to resolve conflict, discuss sensitive topics, and improve decision-making.  Her experience in caring for an older relative for more than ten years has focused Jeannette’s practice on elder mediation.  She realizes the importance of  having a family team to address aging issues such as living arrangements, transportation, health care, and financial support.  Jeannette is committed to using non-adversarial approaches such as mediation, meeting facilitation, and conflict coaching, to help family members work together in support of an aging relative.

Clients across Northern Virginia have benefited from Jeannette’s twenty years of mediation experience and conflict resolution knowledge. They value her genuine interest, calm manner, creativity, and high professional standards.  Jeannette is a trained attorney, who practices exclusively as an independent mediator.  She taught negotiation and mediation at American University’s Washington College of Law for ten years.  She has taught mediator ethics for more than twenty years as part of Virginia’s court mediator certification program.  In 2014, she was named Mediator of the Year by the statewide Virginia Mediation Network.  Jeannette is a skilled neutral who maintains a positive environment for discussion, where the tone is respectful, the focus is on the problem, and people make voluntary, informed choices.

Mediate Virginia services are client-centered, affordable, and focused on moving forward. Contact Jeannette for a free telephone consultation:  contact@mediatevirginia.com , phone 703 757-7364


“There is no intractable problem.”

                                                                 ___  Desmond Tutu