Mediate Virginia joins with CAB Communications to teach effective approaches to difficult conversations.  Jeannette Twomey, J.D., a Virginia-certified mediator, and Cheryl Beversdorf, RN, MHS, MA, a public communications specialist, create lively workshops by acting out common workplace and family conflicts.  Participants observe “bad conversations” and explore ways to improve them. Workshops emphasize practical skills for better results and stronger relationships.  A detailed handout summarizes tips and lists resources for further study.

1. Improve Difficult Conversations in the Workplace.   This program examines a difficult conversation between co-workers who disagree about cubicle noise.  Jeannette and Cheryl share tips for addressing this and other sensitive workplace conflicts with confidence. Participants learn language to use and not use – how to start the conversation and keep it going in a positive direction.  1 hour, on-site

2.  Improve Difficult Family Conversations About Aging Issues.  This program is designed for family members who face challenging transitions of aging.  Care giving issues are a growing cause of workplace absence and family dysfunction.  Too many individuals lack the communication and negotiation skills needed for a collaborative approach to family decision making.  Jeannette  and Cheryl act out a conflict between two sisters who disagree about how to help their aging dad as he recovers from a broken hip.  They offer tips that transform a contentious exchange into a constructive search for solutions.  1 hour, on-site

Clients Who Have Benefited from Mediate Virginia Workshops

Public Broadcasting Service

Lifetime Learning Institute

Epstein, Becker, and Green, PC

Goodwin House

Sunrise Senior Living

“Tips for Talking About the Tough Stuff”.  Download informative summary:  Talking About the Tough Stuff Tips

Watch Cheryl and Jeannette on the You Tube “Talking About the Tough Stuff” channel:

Watch Cheryl and Jeannette in Episode 1 of “Talking About the Tough Stuff: A Care Plan for Dad”, produced by Arlington Independent Media (Comcast channel 69 and Verizon Channel 38 in Arlington).  Viewing schedule:  Saturdays at 8:30pm, Sundays at 5:30am.

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