Workplace Mediation

The workplace can be a backdrop for mild disagreements, underlying conflicts, and even full-blown disputes.  A savvy manager knows the importance of keeping employee and managerial relationships operating smoothly.  Jeannette Twomey, JD, a Virginia-certified Mediator and Mediate Virginia’s founder, meets the specific needs of companies who want to address conflict with confidence by providing mediation, facilitation, and training services.

Early intervention by an independent mediator, who specializes in improving difficult conversations, can be invaluable when differences between individuals threaten to slow productivity and disrupt the workplace.  Companies in Northern Virginia have relied on Jeannette’s low-stress, confidential mediation services for more than twenty years.   Her calm, respectful manner and mediator skills transform adversarial dynamics into constructive exchanges.   Results include improved working relationships, more satisfied employees, and deeper understanding of important objectives.

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                                                                            “Conflicts are created and sustained by human beings.  

                                                                              They can be ended by human beings.”  

____  George Mitchell