Meeting Facilitation

Jeannette Twomey, JD, Virginia-certified mediator and experienced Mediate Virginia facilitator conducts business, community, and  family meetings to create the best conditions for communication and decision-making.

Meeting management by an independent facilitator is a simple and affordable way to transform a time-consuming, unproductive meeting into a smooth operation with concrete results.   An experienced facilitator manages the process of the meeting, so that participants can give their full attention to the substance of what is being discussed.  Facilitators improve productivity by setting clear expectations, beginning and ending promptly, balancing speakers’ time, staying on task, recording decisions, and infusing discussions with a positive outlook.

Companies have benefited from Jeannette’s meeting management skills in regular staff meetings and in strategic planning sessions. Parents and adult children, determining goals for a family-owned business succession, saw improvements in what started out as an unstructured, impulsive conversation.  A community non-profit identified options for the use of an inherited land parcel with Jeannette’s help.   Each of these examples demonstrates how an independent, skilled facilitator can improve the dynamics and outcome of many self-conducted meetings.

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“Synergy is better than my way or your way.  It’s our way.”

__  Stephen Covey