Elder Mediation

Mediation is rapidly becoming the obvious choice for families having discussions about the transitions of aging.  Whether its creating roles in a care giving plan or settling a dispute, when a neutral third party conducts a family meeting, there is less stress and greater progress. Jeannette Twomey, Virginia-certified mediator and founder of Mediate Virginia, creates the calm, well-ordered environment that families need when they are discussing sensitive topics.  She has enabled many families in Northern Virginia and beyond to reach cooperative decisions about an older relative’s living arrangements, financial management, personal care, and health issues.

Jeannette’s personal experience as a family caregiver,  her legal education, and twenty years of mediation practice have prepared her for the challenges of elder decision-making .  She understands the complex choices and family dynamics that are involved.  Her goal is to improve difficult conversations, so that family members find a way to move forward.

Mediators don’t take sides or decide outcomes. They help individuals talk out their differences and negotiate their own mutually agreeable solutions.   The mediation process emphasizes voluntary, respectful problem-solving.  It is informal, private and affordable.

A typical family challenge is deciding what living situation and level of care will assure the well-being of an aging mother or father.  Several people are likely to have an important stake in the decision – the older person, a spouse, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters.  With the help of a skilled mediator, all of those willing and capable meet at a convenient time and place, share perspectives, gather information, examine alternatives, and develop a workable solution.

Mediation by telephone, email and video chat are available where face-to-face meetings are not feasible.

Contact Jeannette for a free telephone consultation: contact@mediatevirginia.com , 703 757-7364


“Don’t find fault.  Find a remedy.”

               ___  Henry Ford