Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a mainstream alternative to the high legal fees and emotional roller-coaster ride of many divorces.  Mediate Virginia is a trusted resource for Northern Virginia residents who want to reach voluntary, negotiated agreements about co-parenting,  support and property settlement.  Jeannette Twomey, a Virginia-certified mediator, is a trained attorney who practices mediation exclusively.  She brings twenty years of mediation experience to divorce and post-divorce issues. Her skill and knowledge create a low stress, positive environment for her clients’ decision-making.

“Proving cases” and “winning” don’t play a role in divorce mediation.  Instead, the emphasis is on frank, well-ordered exchanges that clarify what is important to each individual and explore how they can best separate their financial and emotional lives.  The mediation process works hard to solve the problem and goes easy on the people. It is especially suited to promoting the best interests of children when parents are separating and establishing a new, co-parenting family structure. Key features of mediation are identifying issues, gathering information, staying on task, managing intense emotions, and making informed choices.

Jeannette recognizes that each divorce situation is unique. She assists clients in crafting solutions that meet their particular needs, and she accurately records all terms of agreement. She encourages consultation with legal, financial, and psychological advisors at any time during the process.

A typical divorce mediation requires several two-hour sessions.  The number varies depending on the complexity and intensity of the situation.  A first session can usually be scheduled within a week of initial contact.  Mediation is available using web-based video or teleconferencing when face-to-face meetings are not possible.

Contact Jeannette for a free telephone consultation:  contact@mediatevirginia.com , phone 703 757-7364


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